The agro-food section is the historical and fundamental sector of ECOGRUPPO ITALIA.
From the countryside to our tables: controls guarantee that agro processed food arrives at the consumer strictly respecting the rules in force.
In order to give companies the marketing “passport” for foreign markets, we became specialized in controls relating to the most rigid international standards:

Biologico UE


Bio Suisse


Apart from the legal requirements, ECOGRUPPO ITALIA controls and certification, are planned to ensure:
Environmental sustainability of production processes, from the fields through to the processing industry.
Healthy treatment of people working within food processing.
Welfare of animals bred.
Quality, security and credibility of foods and their sources.

Regulations AGRO-FOOD

European Union regulations: it is based on Regulation CE 834/2007 and subsequent regulation CE 889/2008. The continuing development and updating of the regulatory framework is possible via the portal

National legislation: in Italia il regolamento CE 834/2007 in Italy the Regulation CE 834/2007 was implemented by the Ministerial Decree 18354/2009, similarly the continuous evolution of the national legislation will be possible through the portal

Regional legislation: there are many regions, both with special status and ordinary, that have legislated about biological agriculture, a collection of these rules is available on the portal

International regulations: international regulations are extremely wide and varied, in some cases totally equivalent to the European one, in other cases differs not always marginally, below links to the most interesting sites: Brazil: Ley 10831/2003 ( Canada: COR ( Japan: JAS Law ( USA: USDA-NOP ( Switzerland: BIO Suisse (


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