Ecogruppo Italia is an international certification body that operates in the field of sustainable production. Our story begins back in 1992. Today, a dynamic and multi-functional, allows us to respond to changing market demands, found with rapidity and with the expertise gained in almost twenty years in the world of certification. The food, cosmetics, detergents, and packaging facilities are operating our natural environment. You can find us as well as in Italy, Bulgaria, Moldova. Also consolidated partnerships enable us to provide our services in the markets of North and South America.


The company was established in 1992, by people who believe in responsible development, while organic food was taking its first steps, following the new-borne European regulation (Reg. EEC 2092/91).
Then in 1996, the company, which already covers the whole domestic territory, obtains ministerial authorization to carry out controls and certification within organic farming.


ECOGRUPPO ITALIA today is a Control and Certification body working in the field of ecosustainable production, within agriculture, manufacturing, processing and service industries.
ECOGRUPPO ITALIA has its head office in Catania, operational branch offices in various Italian regions as well as abroad in Chisinau (Moldavia), Sofia (Bulgaria).


Farming, processing, and distribution, each ring of the chain is to be controlled and certified. Covering all sectors, ECOGRUPPO ITALIA applies a procedure on a scale which begins with the product and controls all relevant processes, the production site, management systems and external connections.
On site evidence and accurate records are a very concrete way to verify that solid requirements are in place and they allow us to test their setting within an efficient management system.
It is the headquarters in Catania which gives authorization and issues certifications: one central structure to ensure uniform evaluation and treatment of all certification applications.

From pioneers of the organic agro-food industry to the development of private complementary protocols. Our certifications conciliate company requirements and mans modern instances, as an individual consumer or as part of the community.
We aim at stimulating companies into following both the rules and their production by including a high content of sustainable innovation. This way anyone is able to distinguish a company which aspires to top standards, particularly requested by the community.

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